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Connie Duncan is Jeremy's mother, born about 1955. She is a child psychologist, but works only part-time after Jeremy's birth, and her profession is rarely mentioned except in early strips. She is also an aspiring writer, having begun work on a book titled: Coping Effectively with your Teen. Jeremy constantly interrupts her work with menial requests or by being too loud and she has yet to even finish the first chapter. Besides being the family homemaker, Connie acts the disciplinarian for Jeremy. She is frequently seen waking him up for school, berating him for not following directions, and driving him to various destinations. Though Jeremy does not share much with his parents, Connie is always more than willing to listen to him. She describes a conversation with him as "coaxing a smile out of a clam full of Botox".] In the strip, she is portrayed a few times as a forgetful airhead.

While Connie means well for Jeremy, she has the serious tendency to be incredibly over-controlling. She consistently reads personal items in Jeremy's room, gets very upset when Jeremy makes any hint of wanting more privacy, and wants to do everything for him.