Jeremy Michael Duncan
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Hair Color


Eye color



Usually largely over 6 ft


15 or 16


Sara, Viral and Becky


lead guitar of goat cheese pizza (band), receptionist at Walt's orthodontists practice for a summer job. digging koi ponds as a summer job with Hector Garcia


Walt Duncan (Father), Connie Duncan (Mother) Chad Duncan (Brother)



Jeremy Michael Duncan is the main character of the Zits comic strip


Jeremy Michael Duncan is the son of Walt and Connie Duncan and younger brother of Chad.


Jeremy was born in 1983. He was concieved to the song Stairway to Heaven. From 1997 to 2010 he only aged 2 years, due to being a comic-strip character.

Growing UpEdit

Not much is known about Jeremy's childhood, but there are a few "flashbacks" in the strip about it. He had an interest in cowboys as a child, and is described by his parents as having been a loving and engaging child. He may have been only averagely loving or engaging, and this is just a dramatization on their part.


During Jeremy's teen years, which are the main object of the strip, he was part of many fiascos, including letting 50,000 insects loose in a school hallway, stealing a street sign, and trying to get backstage at a Gingivitis concert.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jeremy is usually dressed very casually and doesn't care what he wears. He has blonde hair and pale skin. Jeremy is unusually tall for his age, and he is usually shown to be taller than most people as mentioned. When not slouching with bad posture, he is shown to be a giant.


  • Jeremy's height varies as he rapidly grows. He is tall for his age.
  • It can be said that Jeremy is a giant, and he hides this by slouching. In a comic strip, when he stands up straight he hits the roof and is 15 feet taller than his mother. In another strip he takes up the entire living room by lying down, his shoes are bigger than his father. Jeremy has a growth spurt at one point, and this is why he is at such a large height. He sometimes struggles with things such as fitting through the doorway, and outgrowing his clothes. It is unknown whether he is a giant or not. He outgrew the house at one point in time.
  • Jeremy is larger than both his parents, and he is rapidly becoming a giant.
  • In a book, it shows that Jeremy has been uncontrollably growing and the house is running out of room for him.