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From time to time, most of us have a bout with acne. This is sometimes a very embarrassing situation and can be hard to control. It can be difficult if you break out on your chin for all the world to see. This is especially dramatic if you're going on a date for the very first time and this is their first exposure to you.

There are many things, however, that can actually spare you from the humiliation before it happens. As you continue to read, you will learn some fascinating information about natural remedies that can help you prevent acne outbreaks.

Water is another important thing in regard to controlling acne. Drinking water is very important if you want to keep your skin clear and have perfect skin tone. It is also very useful to rinse off your face. Water is essential for life and longevity. Always use water-based acne products as oil-based acne products may worsen your condition. Splashing cool crisp water on your face at least once or twice a day can be beneficial.

If you're looking for an easy to find herb that fights acne, try mint. It also has a very refreshing effect on the skin. If your pores are blocked by any oily residues, mint will remove these and help your skin breathe freely. There are many ways to use mint -either the leaves on their own, or mixed with other items such as oatmeal or honey, which are beneficial in their own right. If you search the web, you'll find all kinds of ideas on how to do this. Try some of them out and see which works best!

People that drink chamomile tea might enjoy the product, but might not know that it can also help you sleep at night. Chamomile is also great for keeping your face clear. The oils in chamomile can actually help improve the condition of your skin. Your face will actually look brighter and healthier than ever before.

What you need to do is boil several chamomile tea bags and water to create the toner. Then you need to get a glass jar or some kind of container and let the tea steep for a few hours and store it in the fridge. Apply the cooled toner with a cotton ball to areas that are problematic. Acne can be a real nuisance, but there are ways to deal with it. Many people have successfully overcome acne. Whether you want to treat existing pimples or prevent future outbreaks, there are lots of natural options you can choose from. Some can be applied topically to actual blemishes. Some are meant to act as preventative measures. You can also focus on eating a diet rich in vitamins and minerals that help treat and prevent acne. Finding the best acne remedy doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money or rely on drugs or chemicals that might have unpleasant side effects.